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A Day in the Life at Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services: Spotlight on Router Installation and Light Fixture Updates in Orem, Utah

Welcome to a detailed walkthrough of a day’s project with Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services, focusing on our recent visit to Andrea’s beautiful home in Orem, Utah. Our dedicated contractor, Jaeden, had a full checklist for the day, ranging from updating light fixtures to installing a brand-new router, showcasing the versatility and expertise our team brings to every job.

Orem, Utah router installation & light fixtures update by Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services

The day started with Jaeden arriving at Andrea’s doorstep, tools in hand, ready to bring a new light to her home—literally. The job list was extensive, but Jaeden approached each task with the precision and care Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services is known for.

First on the agenda was the router installation. With the rapid pace of technology, ensuring a stable and strong WiFi connection is paramount. Andrea wanted her new office to have the best possible internet connection for her work-from-home needs. Jaeden expertly set up the new router, ensuring optimal placement for wide coverage and peak performance—a small, yet crucial task for today’s digital age.

Moving on, the light fixtures throughout Andrea’s home were in dire need of an update. Jaeden tackled the installation of three new light fixtures, each chosen to enhance the ambiance and décor of her living space. Not stopping there, a particularly challenging task was changing a light bulb over the stairs. With safety and efficiency in mind, Jaeden skillfully managed to replace the bulb, brightening up a previously dim and overlooked area.

Among the varied tasks, Jaeden also found himself faced with shredding a large box that had been cluttering Andrea’s garage, installing beadboard in the laundry room to add a splash of charm, and troubleshooting a troublesome icemaker in the fridge. Each task, while different in skillset, was approached with the same level of dedication and attention to detail.

One of the more technical tasks involved installing an ‘L’ metal bracket. This small, but vital component was necessary for one of the light fixtures. It’s a testament to the minutiae considered in every job, ensuring not just the functionality but also the safety of each installation.

By the end of the day, Andrea’s home boasted not only a series of new, vibrant light fixtures but also a state-of-the-art router setup. The transformation was palpable, with each room now radiating a warm, welcoming glow, and a WiFi signal strong enough to accommodate Andrea’s bustling home office. But, our day’s work went beyond just technical installations. It was about bringing comfort, efficiency, and a touch of modernity to her living spaces.

At Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services, each task we undertake is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to enhance our clients’ daily living experience. Whether it’s the careful installation of light fixtures, ensuring the best in internet connectivity, or the myriad other services we provide, we’re dedicated to delivering quality and satisfaction.


Jaeden’s day at Andrea’s home in Orem, Utah, is a perfect example of the breadth of services we pride ourselves on at Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services. From the simplest tasks to more complex installations, our team is equipped with the expertise to handle it all.

If you’re in Orem, Utah, or the surrounding areas, and in need of a professional handyman service that covers everything from router installation to light fixtures updates and more, look no further than Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services. Let us light up your home and connect you to the world.