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When it comes to maintaining a home, the unexpected is usually just around the corner. For M&M properties, a valued property manager of this home in Draper, UT, this couldn’t have been more true. That’s when Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services stepped in – with Jaeden, our dedicated contractor, ready to tackle each challenge head-on.


Our tale begins with a kitchen that had seen better days – the under-mount sink was peeling away from the countertop, a clear invitation for water damage into the cabinets below. Not to mention a kitchen faucet handle that had given up on controlling temperature, making kitchen chores less predictable and far more adventurous than required.

Transforming Challenges into Triumphs

Jaeden’s journey with M&M’s home was a testimony to skill and patience. Armed with a detailed list of repairs, including installing nine door stops to prevent future dents and nicks on the walls, and a new tub stopper with an overflow plate cover for those relaxing baths without the worry of leaks. The bathtub wasn’t left behind, with a new cartridge installed for smooth operation and a bath fan rebuild to ensure moisture keeps clear from inviting mold.

Johnson’s Handyman Services Bath Fan Installation

In addition to these tasks, the kitchen sink sprayer head was tightened, and a new outdoor dryer vent installed, ensuring the laundry process was efficient and safe from any potential hazards. The cherry on top? A thorough cleaning of the dryer vent itself, eliminating any lint build-up and significantly reducing the risk of fires.


The list of repairs and upgrades made to M&M’s home was extensive, highlighting not just the variety of issues homeowners can face, but also the diverse expertise Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services brings. From the simplest door stop installations to more complex tasks like bath fan rebuilds and even modern tech installations like a Chamberlin garage remote and a Lift master battery replacement, Jaeden handled it all.

What stood out to M&M, besides the high-quality workmanship, was the transparency and fairness in pricing. With costs like $15 for advanced silicone, a bath fan rebuild kit for $30, and various other items priced without any hidden fees, the total service was completed at an honest price of $865.

Handyman Services in Draper Outdoor Dryer Vent Installation

M&M’s experience with Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services in Draper, UT, reflects our commitment to providing the community with reliable, high-quality, and affordable handyman services. Jaeden’s meticulous effort to bring solutions to every issue, backed by a structured invoice that detailed every task and expense, reassured M&M of their decision to trust us with their home.

Detail-Oriented Handyman Services in Draper, UT

In closing, Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services stands as a beacon for those in need of comprehensive and efficient repairs in Draper, UT, and its environs. Our story with M&M is just one of the many instances where our skills, dedication, and transparency turned home maintenance from a chore into a delightful experience. If you’re in need of handyman services, remember Jaeden and our team are just a call away, ready to transform your home challenges into victories.

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