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How Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services Transformed Bonnie’s Home in Provo, Utah

A summary of our comprehensive home repair and installation project covering everything from floor repairs to vent installations in Provo, Utah.

At Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing high-quality repair and installation services across Provo, Utah. Recently, we had the pleasure of assisting Bonnie, a Provo resident, with a series of challenging yet rewarding tasks designed to enhance the safety and aesthetics of her home. Guided by our skilled contractor, Jaeden, we embarked on a journey to tackle several key issues.

Provo, Utah General repair and air vent installation by Johnson’s Handyman Services

Firstly, a significant concern for Bonnie was a noticeable hole in her floor, posing both a safety hazard and an eyesight. Jaeden, with his expertise, not only repaired the hole but also ensured the surrounding area was reinforced, preventing future issues. Furthermore, the installment of a new door handle on her front door boosted her home’s security and enhanced its curb appeal.

Ventilation improvement was another major aspect of this project. Our team installed vent covers for ten ceiling vents, four small intakes, and one medium-sized intake. The crowning achievement, however, was the installation of a cover for a large intake vent in the ceiling, dramatically improving the air flow throughout Bonnie’s home.

Provo, Utah DWV inspection and repair service


Attention to detail is crucial in our work, which is why we carefully corrected the tile or grout in Bonnie’s shower drain to accommodate a new drain cover perfectly. The installation of a stove exhaust was another task that not only required precision but also adherence to safety standards, ensuring Bonnie’s kitchen was safe and functional.

One of the more intricate aspects of our service involved the siding of the home. We removed the vinyl siding, took pictures for the inspector, and then replaced the vinyl, ensuring that the home not only met but exceeded inspection requirements. Additionally, we addressed essential plumbing and structural needs by installing nail plates on existing DWV, testing new DWV, and adding missing truss bracing and a mechanical connector on the Gable.

Detailed handyman services in Provo, Utah

The project was not without its smaller tasks, such as the installation of various types of air vent covers, 2×4 OSB PNL for structural support, and thinset for tile installations. The detailed list of supplies, including brass caps, satin chrome door bolts, paint match for touch-ups, house wrap tape, and miscellaneous small supplies, demonstrates our commitment to covering every aspect of home repair and maintenance.

Bonnie’s project in Provo, Utah, was a testament to Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services’ ability to manage and execute a wide range of home repair tasks. From significant structural repairs to detailed aesthetic enhancements, our team, led by the skilled contractor Jaeden, proved that no task is too big or too small. Our dedication to quality and attention to detail not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations, solidifying our reputation as the go-to handyman and removal service in Provo, Utah.


Provo, Utah Handyman Services repairing ceiling vents

If you’re in Provo or the surrounding areas and in need of reliable, high-quality repair or installation services, look no further than Johnson’s Handyman and Removal Services. Contact us today to transform your home with the same care and precision we provided to Bonnie!